November 2015

Barely Wet Weekend for Diving Newbies!

Do you want to try scuba diving but not quite ready to take the plunge into a full course yet? Then we've got the just the deal for you to get you started, get you Barely Wet for a weekend and scratch the surface of the world of scuba diving!

Where else would be a better spot to take your first dive than at Malapascua? Perfect for long weekends and a partner, or a barkada, we've got a package to take care of your stay, your training, and fun dives!

Sustainability and conservation: For the love of sharks

It all started with a great ocean view.

Gary Cases, a seasoned scuba instructor and a dive shop owner in Malapascua had been toying with the idea of setting up a marine sanctuary ever since he first set foot on island, seeing there was a lot of potential for marine conservation and eco-tourism in the area. He established a few local organizations, but support from the local community was underwhelming. He also started lobbying with local officials but the response to his effort is very slow.

Meet the Locals!

From left to right: Jay "Jikoy" Sabellano, Wilfredo "Tisoy" Conel Jr, (no longer with us), Ronnie Luzara, Dennis Bryan Bait-it, Amelia Mauring, Gary Cases, Renato Reuyan, Manilyn Nillas, Gerime Conel, (no longer with us), Bonifacio "Boni" Remonde, James Sabellano, Randy Auman, Rolly Dela Peña.