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These are the questions we usually ask guests when they want to dive with us. The more answers you fill up in the form below, the faster we will be able to assist you with booking a dive with us.

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Personal information
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Enter your full name to help us identify and book your reservation.
How or where did you learn about Divelink? We'd like to know how you found out about us! Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, or name a friend. Let us know :)
Tell us about the start and end of your stay on Malapascua Island to help us schedule your dives/course better.
Include all divers and non-divers. For the number of divers, indicate that in the dive information below.
Let us know if you have already arranged Malapascua island transportation and accommodation yourself or you would like us to book transfers from Cebu Mactan International Airport. Enter as many details as you can. We also have dorm beds available for PHP 600/night per person. State here if you wish to stay with us.
Diving information
Provide as many details as best as you can. Do not worry if you miss something because we will follow up with you through email.
How many people will be diving?
List down the equipment you need to rent for the people in your group. Follow the format above and separate each person by line. We can also finalize this via email later so just use your best estimate. Enter None if you will all be bringing your own equipment.
List down the highest dive license level of each person in your group. Follow the format above and separate each person by line. This will help us gauge which dive spots can be done with your group.
Let me know what you want to achieve during this visit. Are you here for certification or just diving? Let us know ahead so we can plan better for your dive trip.
Are there other things you want us to consider about your dive booking? Don't hesitate to mention it to us!
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