Divelink Cebu Joins Global Shark Diving!

Back in April 2017, we became the first and still the only PH dive shop that is part of the Global Shark Diving alliance. We are extremely proud to be part of this group where "all operators are committed to providing world class shark diving and operate within a code of conduct that is determined by their unique business, marine and safety requirements". 

Divelink shares Global Shark Diving's three main principles:

  • Your safety is our primary concern. We have developed shark diving protocols aimed at maximizing your enjoyment whilst closely managing the potential risks. Sharks are fascinating and majestic animals, and diving with them is a privilege and immensely rewarding. However, sharks are wild and potentially dangerous animals that need to be treated with caution and respect. Our protocols differ depending on locations, species and individual situations - but they follow basic guidelines whenever possible. We enable safe, close-up shark encounters but we will not allow unsupervised and fully interactive experiences with the larger and most dangerous species. Other common aspects include exhaustive shark dive briefings, minimum standards for dive experience and dive gear, along with highly trained staff and infrastructure in order to deal with any emergencies.
  • We are dedicated to Shark Conservation. Many sharks are among the most threatened marine fauna, and each of us is actively invested in working towards their protection. To that effect, we advocate shark conservation with local governments and globally, are involved in the set-up and management of Marine Protected Areas, support marine protection NGOs and projects, run shark awareness and conservation courses with our guests, and assist local authorities with monitoring and enforcement.
  • We support and facilitate Shark Research. Shark research is essential for ensuring their survival, and we are committed to collaborating with the world’s preeminent shark researchers. We collect vital data, regularly reserve space for researchers on our vessels and donate to worthwhile research projects.

Mike Neumann has a great writeup as to why Divelink fits well within their network:

Dennis did then travel to the CITES CoP and the rest, as they say is history. From what I understand, the listing has since led to the full protection of the Threshers within the Philippines. Dennis works for Divelink Cebu.

Clearly the top of the crop when it comes to diving with those fantastic Pelagic Threshers off Malapascua Island, this admirable locally owned dive shop is at the origin of local marine conservation NGO Project Sharklink,  has organized local fishermen to patrol and protect Monad Shoal and conducts stellar research together with Simon Oliver's Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Project.
They are everything we could ever wish for in a member of GSD, and we are proud and thankful that they have agreed to join our ranks.